At The CVI

My last night in New York was enlivened by a relentless wind which did its best to backhand the Little Guy, knock it off its feet and beat it into submission; blow after blow shook the trailer and rattled it on its stabilizers, jiggling the bed and disturbing my sleep. But it’s for those occasions that God made Ambien, so I awoke somewhat refreshed (if brain fogged) to begin the final push into Ohio. The sunset, however, was lovely:

Fortunately, the trip across the northern tip of Pennsylvania and through Cleveland was uneventful, and I was able to reach the CVI and set up the RV without incident. I was treated by Lee and Mary to an awesome steak dinner last night, and a fabulous breakfast from Aunt Barb this morning, so I decided to go hit some golf balls this afternoon and work off some calories. The Thunderbird golf courses here (there are two, North and South) have a separate driving range, the biggest I’ve ever seen, so I spent an hour beating seventy golf balls out into the distance. The wing of the building parallel to the range (seen below) is itself a driving range, with dozens of cubicles inside there from which golfers can practice their shots. There are also two large practice putting greens, so I improved my short game as well before returning to the RV to watch the U.S. Open (yes, the Little Guy, in a surfeit of electronic excess, has two television sets inside it!).

Aunt Barb has asked me to play the piano tonight for the family at CVI, so a concert is in the offing. Tomorrow evening features a picnic gathering of the family at cousin Terri’s house on Lake Erie, and then I will head south to Cincinnati on Tuesday. More then!

at Autumn Moon Winery

2 thoughts on “At The CVI

  1. I am enjoying reading of your trip to visit your daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. The sunsets are gorgeous, and your first night’s stay looked like a really pretty place to check out a winery. Enjoy your trip and visiting. See you in August.


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