At Cincinnati

This is just a short post to acknowledge my safe arrival with family near Cincinnati, where it has been in the mid-90s with heat indices over 100 degrees for the past two days. Fortunately the air conditioning is working on the RV and I am able to keep the rig tolerably warm (rather than suffocatingly hot); it’s also a welcome change to have nighttime temperatures drop into the high 60s.

I will spend the week here before traveling with the family (as is our custom) to a campout spot, this year at the new Indiana Dunes National Park on the shores of Lake Michigan, east of Chicago. From there, the others will return home to Cincinnati while I journey on to Minneapolis; expect more posts starting this weekend!

Unicorn pajamas!

2 thoughts on “At Cincinnati

  1. Enjoy your time at the Dunes. I have stopped twice on my trips between Maine and MN, and have loved the place. Enjoy your family, and all your time spent here and there. Helen


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