Autumn Moon Winery

Tonight I am sharing a field with two million-dollar motorhomes, one piloted by a couple from Quebec, the other by two full-time RV-ers named John and Sonya (herself Australian) who spend their years shuttling between properties in Maine and Florida, among other nationwide excursions.

The motorhomes are to the left foreground of this photo, out of view. Here’s the view from inside the Little Guy:

The wind, as these photos were taken, was blowing hard (as it did all day). I was grateful to have the anti-sway bar on the trailer hitch today, and in fact had one heart-stopping moment on I-90 as I passed another travel trailer; one of those “square white box” types of trailers, it had slowed on account of the wind yet nevertheless swayed violently into my lane as I was passing it. I’m no meteorologist, but the wind had to be blowing 30MPH. In fact, the screens on the Little Guy have been routinely blown in since I parked here this afternoon — fortunately the gale is keeping the bugs at bay as well (no damage to the screens, they’re fabric so I just tuck them back into their slots!).

Jovial Harvest Host Jerry started Autumn Moon Winery in 2012 after first building a home on the property, raising the usual upstate-NY grapes for the purpose (Auroras, Cayugas, Reislings, Catawbas, Niagaras, etc.).

Once the vineyard was established, Jerry built a tasting room from which to purvey his wares:

Inside you can find tasteful displays of various vintages along with numerous other wine-oriented gifts and foodstuffs. Jerry also dabbles in hot sauces and creates several which are displayed alongside the wines.

So, another lovely Harvest Host winery at which a lonely traveler can spend the night. Jerry assures me that Cleveland is four hours away from here by car, so I am hopeful that with an early start tomorrow, I can be at the CVI in Ohio by mid-afternoon. There I will spend the weekend before heading south to Cincinnati early next week.

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