Home Range Winery

My annual pilgrimage to Ohio is underway, but consistent with the recent surge in RV popularity, finding safe places to stop has proven increasingly difficult. My usual plan is to try to get west of Albany for the first night, but none of the Harvest Hosts in that region had availability, and given that I have already purchased the HH membership, I was not inclined to try my chances at Walmarts, Cracker Barrels, or truck stops.

And so, I settled for the Home Range Winery, available through Harvest Hosts, in Canaan, NY. I say “settled for” because it was a bit east of my desired waypoint, but in no way was it inferior by any measure. Host Susan met me as I drove in and afforded me an excellent, pull-through spot, level and comfortable with my own picnic table to boot!

The winery is unique in that it is organized sort of like a rustic hunting lodge or something, with mounted deer heads on the walls and an assortment of antique-y looking cabinets, knick-knacks and furniture scattered around the central tasting bar. Honestly, I knew I should take a picture of it but there were no good perspectives from which to do so. Apparently the idea was to create space for tasters to relax with their wares while creating a super-casual and rustic ambiance. Truly it defies description and must be seen to be appreciated.

The outside of the winery, however, is most engaging.

The building sports a very attractive deck which overlooks a lovely lawn with picnic area.

To the right of the picnic area is a small band stand which I am told serves musicians hired to embellish select tasting events.

A small greenhouse at the back of the picnic area completes the eclectic charm of this one-of-a-kind winery.

Overall, this was precisely the kind of off-beat and compelling establishment which makes a Harvest Host membership so worthwhile. The only downside to this spot is its proximity to the interstate; while the easy and quick access was much appreciated, the highway (and railway!) noise was constant, muted only when the wind rattled the wind chimes adjacent to the Little Guy. All in all, Home Range Winery is a delightful place with cordial and accommodating hosts, and well worth a visit. Tomorrow — another winery, east of Buffalo!

One thought on “Home Range Winery

  1. John, Sharon informed me last night that you were “On the Road Again”.
    So happy to see this blog and to be able to follow your adventures. Safe travels and hello to all the family!


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