Sugarbush Creek Farm

I find myself tonight in perhaps the most isolated Harvest Host location of my (admittedly short!) RV experience, on a maple sugar farm in Middlefield, Ohio, east of Cleveland. Usually the host instructs you to park in their back parking lot, or on the lawn beside the business; but upon arrival here I was instructed to drive a half-mile up an old woods road to the sugar house back in the hills. Visions of “Deliverance” danced in my head as I made my slow way up the old, bumpy road; I was slightly cheered, however, by the sight of a second RV parked within sight of me, about 500 yards on the other side of the road, another Harvest Host member, hopefully just within earshot in case things go bump in the night.

This next photo will show you the last tenth of the drive up from the farmhouse:

I’m really back in the woods, here!

After buying a quart of maple syrup (something I never thought I would find in Ohio!), genial host Tim related how, on the occasion of Ohio’s bicentennial in 2003, the state went looking for one barn in every one of Ohio’s 88 counties to paint with the official bicentennial logo — and their barn was one of the winners.

On my way up to the sugarhouse I noticed what appeared to be a Christmas tree farm just off the woods road, so I am guessing that this creates a second income stream for Sugarbush Creek Farm. The attractive property features a replica sugarhouse down by the road, which according to Tim was crafted out of a childhood sandbox.

With luck I will be east of Erie, PA tomorrow, and then back at Peaceful Acres Horse farm on Saturday before my 2022 RV season concludes. The night before I left Cincinnati, we all ate at a pizza place which featured this Halloween decoration by the door. So let me leave you for tonight with my (and Layla’s) best wishes for a happy Halloween!

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