Peaceful Acres Horses

For some reason I had the darnedest time getting out of the driveway this morning, with the result being that it was 11:30AM before I finally got myself on the road to Ohio once again. Knowing that a six-hour drive was ahead of me and sunset was now occurring at 6PM in Maine, I had to work to avoid stressing about how late it was getting, and how difficult it would be to set up the trailer in the pitch dark; crashes and traffic jams in Albany, NY only made things worse as precious minutes ticked away while I sat immobile in traffic not thirty minutes from my destination. I consoled myself with the knowledge that going west would push the sunset later — but I didn’t know by how much. So it was all I could do to avoid freaking out when I passed the Google Maps destination without finding it. Fortunately, my hostess for the night (Nanci Beyerl of Peaceful Acres Horses) had kindly texted me with specific directions once leaving I-90 behind (I should have turned off Google Maps and used them from the beginning!). So, with the sun pulling down behind the Catskill Mountains, I searched anxiously for a place to turn around and find my Harvest Host for the night.

Peaceful Acres Horses is in some ways like many of the Harvest Hosts at which I have stayed — rural, quiet and agrarian. What sets it apart is its mission. I can do no better than to quote from the booklet which Nanci (who was waiting for me in the driveway) handed me when I arrived:

Peaceful Acres Horses is a donor-supported 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated as a healing sanctuary for formerly at-risk and slaughter-bound equines. We restore the horses, donkeys, and minis through the commitment of our amazing volunteer caregivers and contributors. PAH helps rescued equines regain strength, hope, and trust through compassion, encouragement and care.

Our mission for Equine Rescue and Retirement is to offer rehabilitation, re-homing and retirement sanctuary to equines who have been a product of animal cruelty, saved from the slaughter pipeline, or companion horses who are unable to be placed or sold to forever homes. PAH provides or facilitates placement in forever homes to all breeds of horses.

Nanci became a Harvest Host in August 2022, to assist in fundraising for feed, veterinary care and farrier services for the horses she rescues. Unlike most Harvest Hosts, who have a farm store or some other such business for travelers to support, PAH simply accepts donations, which go right toward purchasing food and services for the horses in their care.

Everywhere you look here, there is another paddock with barn, containing a variety of horses, donkeys and miniature horses (I believe Nanci said there were 90 equines here!). I am as far from an equestrian as one could get, but to me they all looked clean, well-fed and happy; most approached the fence as I strolled by, suggesting that they were used to interacting with people.

PAH itself is perched on a beautiful hill. I wish I had arrived earlier as the vistas of colorful foliage would be spectacular in the sunlight.

As a new Harvest Host, Nanci has plans for the property. Apparently it was purchased with a tennis court at the summit of the hill; this will be repurposed as RV parking, giving travelers spectacular vistas with which to camp. There are also two yurts on the property, the rental proceeds from which go to supporting the horses.

Although I have stayed at many unique and lovely Harvest Hosts, Peaceful Acres Horses is a rare gem — as is its cheerful, gregarious and super-helpful owner Nanci. Readers interested in supporting the mission of Peaceful Acres Horses may donate at:

As for me, the plan is to make it to the Buffalo region tomorrow, where I have found a “park golf” Harvest Host. What is “park golf”, you ask? I have no idea, but we’ll both know with tomorrow’s post!

2 thoughts on “Peaceful Acres Horses

  1. Thank you so much John! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you as a HH Guest at Peaceful Acres Horses. I sure do appreciate your kind words, your encouragement and your support of our efforts at Peaceful Acres Horses for the rescues in our care! See you again on 2023! Happy and Safe Travels ~ Nanci


  2. John, you Almost make me want to have a travel trailer. Your adventures sound fun and the places you licatrvawesome! Keep on having fun. Lois


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