Glen Erin Golf Club

This is just a quick post to report my safe arrival at a Harvest Host golf course in Janesville, Wisconsin. This is an interesting spot since on one side of the RV is a lovely golf course and driving range, and on the other a regional airport.

Unfortunately, the course was full when I arrived, with leagues scheduled for both sides of the course through the evening, so I was unable to play it — but from the parking lot, at least, it looks like a classic links-style course, of which I have played very few.

There is one other RV staying here tonight, a large class C from Maryland. You can see the sun setting beside it in the photo below.

I am updating this post from Minneapolis to include these photos, which means that I have arrived safely at cousin Susan’s and her husband Jim’s house. Susan has promised to show me the iconic Minneapolis tomorrow, so I will post again in a couple of days before I head east for Cincinnati and the Fourth of July.

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