Ohio — Day 13: Arrowhead RV and Marina, Glenville, NY

I awoke today to find water seeping out from under the bed — actually, from under the cabinetry that supports the bed — and onto the floor.  This is bad, because water creates mold, and mold creates an uninhabitable RV — not to mention that it rots the floor and the woodwork.  I mopped it up with a towel and called the dealer, who suggested a number of potential causes, all of which will require dealer service.

My suspicion is that the problem is in the water pump.  While it could also be part of the air conditioning unit, or the outdoor shower (yes! The Little Guy has a hot/cold outdoor shower for rinsing stuff off outside!), the water pump is in my opinion the best candidate because it only works when using the onboard water tank (which I did at LJ’s and Mound Grove) and because it had been coming on occasionally and (so I thought) without reason in the middle of the night.  But if there was a leak in that system, the pressure would of course drop, requiring the pump to come on again to maintain the pressure, right?  Thus my conclusion that the water pump is the culprit.

Anyway, my current location offers what is called in the trade “city water”, a pre-pressurized water supply, so I don’t need to use the water pump.  And guess what?  There have been no leaks since I turned the pump off this morning, even though I checked it several times on my way across New York State today.  So that means that, if I am correct, I can use the trailer as long as I have “city water”.  Which means, tonight, since I expect to be home tomorrow.

Arrowhead RV and Marina is right off I-90 in Glenville, NY, just outside Albany.  It is a pleasant RV park with an interesting layout which I really like, as it uses the circles of a Venn diagram instead of loading the RVs in side-by-side like sardines in a can.


This means that for most of the sites, you are grouped with no more than half a dozen other rigs, which lends an illusion of solitude not always available in RV parks.  My site is way to the lower right on the map, circled in green.  Below you can see the Little Guy wedged into his circle.


Arrowhead is in a pleasant spot right on the Erie Canal, also known locally as the Mohawk River.

The proprietress, an extraordinarily helpful person, explained that at the moment there is no marina at Arrowhead.  Apparently the state had been working on the locks and then furloughed the workers when the coronavirus hit, leaving only a trickle of water in the canal.  Even now there is not enough water to justify putting the docks in; they are waiting for the furlough to be lifted July 1 before making a decision about opening the marina.

Well, it’s been a great trip, even with the water pump (or whatever it is) problem.  I’m grateful for safe travel and quality time with family, but looking forward to being home again tomorrow — and then taking the Little Guy for service on Saturday.  Thanks for following along on this trip!  Assuming the trailer is repaired in time, the next outing will be in July as LJ visits Maine along with her Ohio relatives to climb Mt. Katahdin.  Stay tuned!



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