PEI – Day 8

I need to begin this post by applauding my Vespa dealer, now the only such dealer in Maine, as they have really gone above and beyond in trying to help me with the Vespa repair.  Trisports of Brunswick not only overnighted the requisite drive belt as promised, they called me repeatedly today to report on the FedEx (not UPS, as originally reported) tracking.  Unfortunately, as of 8AM this morning the belt was in customs at Maribel, Quebec, so there was not a chance it would be in Moncton by this afternoon.

We, however, were out of time.  Robin needs to be back at work on Monday, and of course Adrian would not be working on the weekend, even if by some miracle the belt was delivered tomorrow.  So I reluctantly decided to abandon the Vespa in Moncton.

Adrian offered to keep the bike as long as we needed (what a guy!), and promised to call us when the drive belt arrived and the bike was ready to ride.  We checked into renting a U-Haul to truck the bike home, but the price came in just shy of $800. So, instead, we rented a car and left the bike with Adrian.  Robin rode her scooter behind me as we made our way west through St. John on NB-1 and back into Calais, Maine, where we are spending the night.

Although we spent way too much time there waiting for Vespa repairs, we really liked Moncton.  Apparently Moncton holds a huge antique car show at this time every summer, and while it is an admission-only event on the weekend, tradition has it that all the cars park downtown on Friday, as the Main Street is closed off to all but pedestrian traffic.  And so it was that we were able to see some really outstanding antique vehicles today while we were waiting for final word on the drive belt.


These were by no means the best in show, but we photographed them because they have family connections for us.  While the vehicles ranged in age from the 1930s to the 1980s, most of the cars we saw were vintage 1960s and 1970s muscle cars.  Certainly anyone with an interest in antique cars would want to put this event on their calendar for next year.

So, we will ride/drive the four hours home tomorrow morning, and then I will return to Moncton sometime next week with the rental car, in hopes that the Vespa will be ready to ride home by that time.  I will wrap up this series on Prince Edward Island with some concluding thoughts once we get home.  Thanks for following along!

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